When we first meet a patient they are fully assessed to find the underlying problem. This assessment will take place of the injury area, including the joints, ligament, muscle strength and muscle control. Neurology will be tested as appropriate. During this time we will discuss and agree a treatment plan. All of our treatment plans take into account our patients own personal goals.

Our treatment may include modalities such as mobilisations, manipulation or electrotherapy, but will also include exercises tailored individually, tailored to the injury and to the body type depending on activity. Then educated to improve fitness to function to prevent re-injury.

We offer Pilates on a 1:1 session or small groups aimed at beginners, anti or post natal, or to aid position and control for sport including horse riding. APPI Pilates is completely led and taught by Physiotherapists and focuses on restoring muscle balance so aiding core strength, control and coordination.
Anti and Post natal, your body changes during pregnancy and its common to develop a number of problems including low back and pelvis pain, Diastasis Recti and continence problems. We can help with advice, individual tailored treatment and home exercise plan to help elevate symptoms and restore function.
We often challenge our body both physically and mentally. Sports massage is a valuable modality to help restore our body’s physical condition by improving blood flow and reducing muscle tension and scar tissue.

Please note that patients will be asked to undress to their underwear if possible. A chaperone can be available on request.

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